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Alto K10 AGS Differences from an automatic car

Alto K10 AGS car has a clutch instead of a torque converter. As such, gear changes are noticeable, and the car rolls backwards when on an up-sloping incline.


creeping means car moves forward slowly.

Creeping function will be active when the gearshift lever is in any of the positions "D","M" or "R", and when the brake pedal is released and accelerator is not depressed. This is achieved via partially engaging and slipping the clutch.

Creeping function is disabled if you depress the brake pedal or pull up the parking brake lever.

Always keep your foot on the brake pedal while stopped with the engin running. This operation prevents the vehicle from moving due to unintended activation of the creeping function.

uphill slope

Car rolls backwards when on an up-sloping incline, unlike an automatic car.

To move off from an up-slopping incline, apply handbrake before depressing the accelerator slightly. or by placing the gearshift lever in the "M" position and using lower gears

using the accelerator pedal along or creeping function to hold the vehicle will overheat and lead to clutch damage.

Downhill slope

when Driving on a down hill slope. down shifting is recommended. by placing the gearshift lever in the “M” position and shift to lower gear manually.


Unlike an automatic car, the P gear is absent. The car should be parked in the following fashion. In an up-slopping incline, put the gear to M, or D, apply handbrake, and switch off the engine. In a down-slopping incline, put the gear to R, apply handbrake, and switch off the engine. On level ground, put the gear to R, apply handbrake, and switch off the engine. R or D/M substitute the P function in a full automatic. Moving off from Park: The engine can only be started with the gear in N. To start, switch on the car to ON position (this releases the gear lock), depress brake pedal, put the gear to N (from either R or D/M), and switch on the engine. L/1 and 2 gears in a full automatic: ALTO K10 AGS does not provide L/1 and 2 gears as in a full automatic. One action of the ALTO K10 AGS system is that it detects the gradient of the slope that the car is situated in. On a down-slopping incline and if the brake pedal is depressed, it automatically selects a lower gear to produce engine brake, which has the equivalent effect of L and 2 gears in a full automatic. L and 2 can also be substituted with M1 and M2 gears.


The car reverses as in an automatic car. To reverse, depress brake pedal, and change the gear to R. Gradually lift off the brake pedal to allow the car to creep backwards. On a down-slopping incline, the creep function, simulated using the slipping clutch, is not sufficient to prevent the car from rolling forward. In this case, the car must not be held still using the accelerator pedal, as the excessive clutch slipping will lead to clutch damage. Handbrake should be instead applied, and the accelerator pedal should be depress slightly. Gear change: The gear change is noticeable, unlike in a full automatic car. Under D gear, the car will automatically change the gear depending on speed and gradient information. It is recommended that the accelerator pedal should be momentarily lifted off during gear change. A constant throttle can also be maintained on the accelerator, and gear change can still occur, although the car will feel noticeably more jerky during gear change than in a full automatic.